I have been thinking about my first post for days now...probably spending way too much time thinking about it.  But other than watching 23 episodes of Gray's Anatomy, this is all I have to do.  A sad life I lead.  So, I'm sitting in a Finale workshop right now...bored out of my mind...and wondering how this even applies to me.  It doesn't.

The *supposedly* incredibly intelligent gentleman leading the *discussion* has a Hitler stache, 1989 haircut and obviously can't seem to hold my interest....hence the post.  I'm sure he's a wonderful guy...but being surrounded by pompous band directors has colored my perspective.  As I'm typing, Thomas (name changed to protect the guilty) is playing words with friends (and drinking his 5th cup of coffee...very scary)...Leah is writing emails to band parents, Russ is pretending to pay attention, and Kaitlyn is reading over my shoulder...still laughing about the Hitler stache comment (see above).  These observations do not include the fifteen other directors in the room attempting to look interested.

I've given up...which brings me to the point of my ramblings.  Trainings are unnecessary and usually an excuse for us to be obnoxiously social.  Seriously, every training I've ever attended, I've just looked at it as a way to socialize with people I don't usually see.  This is probably not what I should be doing...and I feel a little guilty about it.  I try to learn something, really I do.  But alas, I revert to high school mentality...tittering with the people around me, pulling fellow professionals into my corrupt behavior, texting, whispering, and other forms of general disrespect.

And then, usually as the training is coming to a close, I have an epiphany.  This is exactly what I yell at my kids for doing.  So I straighten up, ask some type of question geared to make the instructor wonder if he's made the wrong assumption about me and try to leave with as much pride as I've learned from my high schoolers.  And I think to myself...I've learned something very valuable today.  I am just like my kids.


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